We at Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Elementary are very excited to announce that we will participate in the “Adopt-a-Class” program again this school year.  We launched the program seven years ago and saw even more success than we were anticipating.  This program developed tremendous community involvement in our school and raised funds that allowed classroom teachers to purchase materials that they would otherwise not have been able to purchase. The materials purchased directly benefitted students.  Some teachers used their “Adopt-a-Class” donation to purchase incentives for their students. Some teachers used their “Adopt-a-Class” donation to purchase additional teaching resources. Some teachers used their “Adopt-a-Class” donation to purchase manipulatives and hands-on activities for their students. Invest in the education of BHG students by donating $100 to our “Adopt-a-Class” program.  In return for your contribution, your support may be acknowledged in the following ways:
  • “Bulldog News” Newsletter – Our business partners will be named and thanked in our newsletter that is distributed to all Ben Hill Griffin families.
  • BHG Website – Our business partners will be thanked on our school website.
  • School Marquee – Your business will be thanked on the school marquee so the community can be made aware of your generosity.
  • You will receive thank you notes or letters from your sponsored classroom to display in your office or business.
  • Press Coverage – Your name will be mentioned as a sponsor of a class in a press release that will be distributed to local newspapers.
  • Business Partner Breakfast – During the school year, BHG will hold a business partner breakfast in your honor.
Click here to print and complete the short application that may be mailed in with your donation.  We look forward to your participation this year.