Who volunteers?

Moms, Dads, older brothers and sisters, grandparents, business people, high school and college students, retired people, community people.

Getting Started

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at our school, you must first fill out an application and be approved by the district. Contact the school coordinator, Mrs. Anderson, after three weeks to determine the status of your application. Due to budget constraints, background checks for volunteers can no longer be paid by the district. First time volunteer applicants will be expected to pay a one-time fee of $25 for their background check, beginning in the 2009-2010 school year. Volunteers who are already approved are not affected by this decision. Volunteer applicants will submit the volunteer application at the school site. A printable version of the application will be found on the Polk County School Board website: Polk County School Volunteers. This completed application, accompanied by a money order or certified check payable to Polk County School Board, must be turned into the BHG’s school office. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement background check will be conducted and results will be posted as usual.
Field trip chaperones must be approved volunteers by February 1st. More information about volunteering for Polk County Schools
Volunteer Applications
Volunteer Handbook
Things to Do As a Volunteer • Come in and talk about your career • Read to the class or individuals • Share your culture or ethnic background with students • Tutor struggling students • Direct an activity or special skill • Recruit others to help • Help office staff with first day packets • Reach out to new parents to help them • Assist with box tops for education • Help with the school book fair • Assist in the Media Center with book re-shelving • Assist on picture day • Assist with chess club • Assist with PTA Celebration • Help in the Classroom • Practice vocabulary with students learning to speak English • Play instructional games with students • Join PTA • And much more • Tell us your talents and we will find you a place!

Together We Make a Difference!